• The role of logistics in the sustainable development of industry - Broadcasting magazine - 1395 (download)

  • Optimal distribution network management in the broadcasting industry using the mathematical model of routing location, the first international conference on engineering, management and accounting – 1394

  • Paper on determining the optimal number of warehouses in provincial distribution centers and the optimal pattern of distribution tours in the broadcast industry - 1393 (download)

  • The article on the implementation of the e-management system of the product (EKanban) at Iran Khodro Industrial Forms Co. (IKID), 10th International Industrial Engineering Conference, 1392

  • Innovative article on optimal design of automatic storage, under the software based on multi-objective mathematical modeling and meta-hierarchical algorithms - article selected at the 2nd International Broadcasting Conference /(download)

Optimization of drug distribution system as a model of location-routing using genetic meta-heuristic and simulated annealing algorithms

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