Case History

  • A. Razi Distribution Company as a design and development expert for six years (so far)

  • Study and research on the construction of automatic warehouses and picking and packing systems (Picking & Packing systems).

  • Preparation of a technical and economical justification plan for the construction of the first fully automated drug store in Iran (AS / RS).

  • Negotiate with the top European and Asian manufacturers of automatic inventory to initialize the warehouse and estimate the price of the project.

  • Participation in the creation of an automatic storage warehouse design project for optimal storage design and validation of received designs.

  • Participation in an optimal design project for distribution and location of warehouses with the use of location-routing mathematical models.

  • Preparation of Technical Compliance Matrix of Provincial Distribution Plans and Strategic and Operational Planning for Implementation of Improvement Projects.

  • Reviewing the strategies for developing communication and drug information.

  • B) Iran Khodro Industrial Forms Company (IKID) as a logistics expert for one year.

  • Improvement, development and implementation of the planning and control system of production.

  • Collaboration in the project implementation and implementation of the electronic control system of the product.

  • Participation in the establishment of the standards OHSAS18001: 2007 and ISO14001: 2004.

  • C. Sepanir Oil and Gas Engineering Company as a planning expert for one year.

  • Control the scheduling schedule and update the refinery's progress information project.

  • Cooperation in the design of the operation and implementation of the maintenance and repair system of the South Pars Gas Refinery.

  • D) Sadid Pipe & Equipment Co. as an Industrial Engineering Specialist for five years.

  • Optimization of the arrangement of goods in the stock of raw materials and final products.

  • Cooperation and participation in the development and improvement of the planning and control system of production.

  • Design and implementation of Management Information System (MIS) for information flow in maintenance and repair units.

  • Designing and deploying a system for recording and analyzing information about machine stoppages in order to determine the stopping time and production rates.

  • Performing production timing operations in order to estimate machine capacity and production time standards in order to identify process bottlenecks.

  • Co-operation in the implementation of production control system in the Three Layer Coating Industry. (Three Layer Coating)

  • Collaborating on implementing the FMEA project and estimating the consumption rate with different risk percentages for 110 types of consumables in the production process..

  • Preparation of a technical and economical justification plan for the construction of ERW steel tubes production plant.



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Logistics Association


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