Case History

A) Razi Distribution Company as a design and development expert for six years.

Study and research on the construction of automatic warehouses and order picking systems.

Preparation of a technical and economical feasibility study for the construction of the first automated warehouse in Iran (AS / RS).

Negotiate with the top European and Asian manufacturers of automatic warehouse and estimate the price of the project.

Participation in the creation of an automatic warehouse design project for optimal storage design.

Participation in an optimal design project for distribution and location of warehouses with the use of location-routing mathematical models.

Preparation of Technical Compliance Matrix of Provincial Distribution Plans and Strategic and Operational Planning for Implementation of Improvement Projects.

Reviewing the strategies for developing communication and drug information.

B) Iran Khodro Industrial Dies Company (IKID) as a logistics expert for one year.

Improvement, development and implementation of the planning and control system of production.

Collaboration in the project implementation and implementation of the electronic kanban system of the product.

Participation in the establishment of the standards OHSAS18001: 2007 and ISO14001: 2004.

C) Sepanir Oil and Gas Engineering Company as a planning expert for one year.

Project planning and control .

Cooperation in the design of the operation and implementation of the maintenance system of the South Pars Gas Refinery.

D) Sadid Pipe & Equipment Co. as an Industrial Engineering Specialist for five years.

Optimization of the arrangement of goods in the stock of raw materials and final products.

Cooperation and participation in the development and improvement of the planning and control system of production.

Design and implementation of Management Information System (MIS) for information flow in maintenance.

Designing and deploying a system for recording and analyzing information about machine stoppages in order to determine the stopping time and production rates.

Performing production timing operations in order to estimate machine capacity and production time standards in order to identify process bottlenecks.

Cooperation in the implementation of production control system in the Three Layer Coating Industry. (Three Layer Coating)

Collaborating on implementing the FMEA project and estimating the consumption rate with different risk percentages for 110 types of consumables in the production process.

Preparation of a technical and economical feasibility study for the construction of ERW steel tubes production plant.